We Need To Change Our Mindset... NOW!

by Leona Griffin on June 12, 2022

People don't trust the web the way they used to They want to control who has access to their data. This happened due to data breaches, Big Tech companies, Apple's commitment to privacy, and even people sitting and thinking about things more during covid.

The best form of data is now called Zero Party Data. That means data that is owned by you that your users provided you. You get this data by users providing it to you and you store it. This can be giveaways, quizzes, questionnaires, etc. It is your KEY to marketing moving forward.

To get the most out of Zero party data you have to collect it and THEN upload it to the systems such as Facebook & Google. That means we have to be WILLING to share our data for our own PERSONAL use to market or remarket to the lists we're uploading and make lookalikes from those people. You see people who provided you with data are saying its OKAY for YOU to market to me which is what we NEED.

We need to get this data as cheaply as possible. So we need to be asking questions to the people in our email lists, people who are taking our quizzes and people who are visiting our website. To better understand them and their needs and desires. What do they want from you? What do they want from your product? How do they want it to make them feel? Then we need to take that data that we learned and make ads that specifically address what they TOLD you and remarket to them. The ads will be more personalized to them and they will react better to your ads.

If you are running ads just on one platform such as Facebook then you need to DIVERSIFY! You are building a home on rented land. At any time they could EVICT YOU! You need to be advertising on Facebook, Google and Youtube or add in TikTok but don't keep all your eggs in one basket.

We need to get COMFORTABLE sharing data with the likes of Facebook and Google. It helps us. The more data that we can provide the better our ads will perform. Its not a "them or us" thing, its them HELPING us. We need to upload our customer lists, our email lists, our quiz lists, we need to name them based on their results such as what they want or need and then we need to create ads that speak to this.

This is the time to BYOD. Bring your own data. The person with the most data wins. Not just sheer numbers but depth. What you know about people so you can make better ads. So you can speak to their pain points, so you can become a better marketer.

With the changes that have happened with IOS14 and 15 we have to be able to change with the times. Changes are happening now. We need to install and configure Google Analytics G4. We need to configure Google Ads enhanced conversions so our conversions can be tracked in Google Ads. We need to ensure that our Facebook Conversion API is connected. We need to be uploading our lists to the platforms to help THEM help US.